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Hip Hop gold teeth and gold grills are what everyone is looking for these days.  What started out as a means for dental restoration has turned into a fashion trend within the hip hop community.

Gold teeth are not a new item but they were brought to the forefront by rapper Nelly and his track "Grillz". 

You can get your hip hop style gold teeth in many shapes and sizes.  Most gold teeth grillz are removable but they can also be permanent. 

The top choice for customizing gold teeth is with diamond inlays which are usually princess cut.  Of course, the dental apparatus can also be bought in silver or platinum.  Gold still seems to be the metal of choice for fronts and grills.

While gold teeth and grills look cool, they do have the potential to do harm to your mouth as often warned by dentists.  They can cause gum disease, infections and cavities.  When wearing gold removable teeth, oral hygiene should be a top priority.

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Gold Teeth & Grills

You can purchase gold teeth for as little as $20 but of course they are not going to be made of real gold and will contain cubic zirconium.  If you want to get authentic, real deal iced out grills you are going to have to pay a lot more.  You will be looking at spending $1,000 and up depending on if you add any diamonds or other precious stones.

If you go with a cheap pair of removable gold teeth they will usually be one size fits all and you will not have to be sized for them.  However, if you decide to go big and get truly iced out gold teeth, then you will need to be custom fitted for your gold grill to make sure they fit your mouth and teeth.

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