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Iced Out Grills

Iced out grills are a must have for hip hop jewelry.  Iced out grillz can be bought in platinum, gold, or silver and can be fitted with diamonds or any other stone you desire.  You can also customized them with fake stones it you are a baller on  budget.

You know all the ladies want to see your grill and it the perfect pimp accessory.  In most cases your grillz will be sliver teeth or gold teeth.  Most iced out grills will be silver or gold plated with Rhodeum.  And unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars, your grill with be fitted with cubic zirconium jewels (CZ). 

Iced Out Removable Grillz

If you are going to get your iced out grillz you are going to want to pick up a set with top and bottom removable teeth.   Most grills will be one size fits all and will have a custom flex bar and custom flex fit to make sure that fit any grill. 

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iced out grills

Of course you can get custom fitted iced out teeth but it's going to cost you.  However, it is the ultimate sign of real playa. Custom removable teeth grillz can run anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $100,000's depending on what materials are used.  On the other hand, a knock off grill with CZ's will run less than $100.

To maintain your icy grill make sure to use normal hygiene and wash your grill with soapy water.  You should not use solvents to clean it because it can damage your grill.  You should also never boil your removable teeth or leave it in any place where it will be exposed to extreme heat as it may become misshaped. 

Most importantly, don't let any one where your iced out grill as it is in no way sanitary.  Come on playa.


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